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If you are the type person who knows what you want but seek that professional eye and experience to finalize the design palate - then this maybe exactly what you'e looking for!

Imagine what you could accomplish in a day with the help of Lenore Raposo, the principal of Ldesigns Interiors, by your side for the day. Well that's exactly what you'll get with this service!

The way this service works is the client gathers as many sample materials and finishes as are pertinent to the project and Lenore joins you at a retail location to source the appropriate pieces that complement the sample materials and ensure your vision and tastes are well suited. Time starts from the first meeting place and continues to a maximum of 6 hours. During the day together, Lenore will answer any design questions you have and help put together a well designed scheme.

This distinctive service can be utilized in two ways:

6 hours on the road sourcing retail - reviewing samples and selections procured by the client and vetted by Lenore


3 hours on the road and 3 hours in-studio

This option allows the client a blend of retail sourcing as well as access to our extensive selection of resources maintained at our design studio.

Either way you choose to go you can be assured that your design and all its elements will work well together and make your space absolutely beautiful.

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