Renovation Drawings, 3D drawings of room


Ldesigns offers the opportunity to purchase a 20 hour block of time as a package. The time block is purchased and is used in minimum 2hr. portions to a maximum of 6hrs. in one day. Imagine the benefit of professional input, feedback and guidance for your upcoming design, renovation or makeover project!

If you are the kind of person who has a sense of what you like and enjoy sourcing items but need that guidance and eye that a professional designer offers, then this distinctive service is perfect for you.

Some ways you may wish to use this service might include: meeting at a retail location to help source and select finishes, furniture, lighting etc.; review your floor plans and seek input and suggestions; walk your home and discuss your vision and ideas; seek assurance on colours, materials and hard surfaces like flooring, counter options etc. Anything you may need help with to make your project have a professional look, this is it! 


The flexibility, the value and the personal touch of the this service offers you a world of possibilities. 


Call us today to learn more - we'd love to hear about your project and vision!