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The foundation of any great renovation or room decor is the design.



The foundation of any great renovation or room decor is the design. This involves the arrangement of elements such as layout and function to architectural details, beautiful finishes and furnishings. The concept stage is what excites us most. Its where our creativity is tested and refined.

We begin by brainstorming about the physical space and how best to organize it. We work with the components necessary to satisfy the clients' needs and begin layering in the elements needed to elevate the space to the finished product. 

Inspiration is gathered from photographs, magazines, the outdoors, our clients’ treasures and our clients themselves. We take all of these elements and develop a design that will achieve the clients' vision and tastes.

The most crucial part of any design initiative, the floor plan, is the first item we aggressively work to perfection. This small drafted piece of paper is the key to a successful space. From room divisions to flooring direction, adjustments of the existing layout, furniture sizing and placement, it becomes the legend that makes everything work.


Once we take measurements of the room(s), we begin planning. If the space can be reorganized, a wall removed, an opening enlarged, a partition added or other possible changes, we offer suggestions and direction. At this stage we may offer more than one option for consideration and will review these options with you to finalize and move to the furnishings stage. 


With a newly designed or existing space plan, we begin to consider the function, needs and style of the room. We determine scale, proportion and size of furnishings and keep sight lines, focal points and features in mind when determining traffic flow, layout groupings or room zones.

We create design vision snapshots to communicate this and offer a full visual of the direction. We begin drawing, testing and reviewing ideas until we arrive at the finished details that create the finished design.

Never a step to be overlooked, this is an integral component to any decorating or renovation project and sets the tone for the next stages in design development.


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Creating a completed, furnished and accessorized space is one of our greatest skills. We offer professional interior decorating services that can help you get your room decorating needs realized. There are many components that go into creating a cohesive and well thought out space - we are experts in this. From determining the right furniture and space plan to selections that work for your lifestyle to all the finishing touches that successfully complete a home, we assemble it all for you. 

We listen to your ideas, needs and vision for your space, then get to work planning all the elements that will achieve your wishes. A lot of time and effort goes into planning your space to provide you and your family with the options that work best for your home and lifestyle.

We  access  trade suppliers and samples to create a presentation to help you visualize the final space. We select furnishings, colours, fabrics, finishes and lighting that tie into your needs and tastes, and will stand the test of time. We assemble all of these elements and present them to you in one complete package. Seeing all of the components together, how they relate to each other, allows you to have confidence in the decisions we are making together.

You have probably spent countless hours visiting stores for furnishing and never committing because you’re overwhelmed and unsure you’re making the right decision, or, you’re simply too busy - we get it. We understand all the steps that lead to a successful room design. We do this everyday and can get you there with our multi-step process (click to see process) that keeps the project moving along efficiently all the while making decisions that are right for you and your space.

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We can think in 3D and immediately envision the changes a room will undergo from a floor plan. Most people, however, struggle to do so. This leads to apprehension when moving on to the renovation phase or a fear of purchasing furnishings to complete the space.

Ldesigns can transform your 2D floor plan into photo realistic renderings of interiors. We will bring your vision to life digitally, allowing you to make changes necessary to ensure the final product is exactly what you pictured before you begin the actual renovation or make a purchase. With a detailed 3D version to work from, stakeholders and partners will have a clear understanding of the scope of your project and provide you with accurate costing. This ultimately saves you time, money, and hassle during renovation - and more importantly, leaves you with a final product that is exactly what you wanted.

When it comes to your next renovation project, wouldn’t it be great to see your space designed before you hire trades and begin the work? Knowing your options on how best to organize your space in a way that suits your lifestyle before beginning a project gives you a huge advantage and peace of mind.


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An emotional, long and overwhelming process, renovations do offer many benefits, but the road can be confusing and filled with stress and worry. With a well thought out plan and decisions made ahead of any onsite work, the renovation process goes smoother and is a more enjoyable process.

Bringing organization and peace of mind to a renovation initiative is exactly what Ldesigns brings to the table. We have developed a process that keeps the project more manageable, moving in a timely manner and less likely to cause reactive decisions leading to additional costs and errors. Our process is broken into phases - Design, Selections and Management - containing various steps to assist clients with achieving their goals without feeling overwhelmed.

We manage each stage to keep things focused and on track. With each phase and step clearly defined, work progresses seamlessly from one stage to the next. This keeps things evolving in a timely manner and decisions focused. 

We are happy to work with you from start to finish, but can be as involved as best suits your needs. Whether you require design or design and selections only, Ldesigns can help manage timelines, budget and bring confidence at every level of the project.


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The most used spaces in any home, these rooms are deeply personal and require consideration in the planning stage. Costly rooms to build per square foot, a solid plan is crucial for a successful and functional design.

We work with you to build a solid plan to achieve safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing rooms that work with your needs and lifestyle. Beginning with an extensive questionnaire that is reviewed together, we hone in on your needs and desires for the space. We keep in mind your home's architectural design, adjoining rooms and transition spaces, to ensure everything flows and makes sense. A floor plan is developed with elevations and 3D views to give you a sense of what the final space will look like.

With a plan defined and in place, we can begin putting together the scheme by selecting finishes, details and furnishings. We discuss the options for counter tops, back splashes, hardware, door style, materials, drawer options, sinks, faucets and storage, along with furnishings and any needed window coverings to create a cohesive space.

Once all of these decisions and plans are approved, the renovation process is ready to begin. We discuss what you should expect and the path for getting the work completed. You can solicit quotes for the renovation and manage the work yourself, or choose to work with LDI and our team of valued tradespeople that have been a part of our success for years.

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With our guidance, we will walk you through the details of each step to achieving a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room design tailored specifically to you and your family.

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