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Kitchen and bath designer in the GTA

Kitchens & Baths

The most used spaces in any home, these rooms are deeply personal and require consideration in the planning stage. Costly rooms to build per square foot, a solid plan is crucial for a successful and functional design.

We work with you to build a solid plan to achieve safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing rooms that work with your needs and lifestyle. Beginning with an extensive questionnaire that is reviewed together, we hone in on your needs and desires for the space. We keep in mind your home's architectural design, adjoining rooms and transition spaces, to ensure everything flows and makes sense. A floor plan is developed with elevations and 3D views to give you a sense of what the final space will look like.

With a plan defined and in place, we can begin putting together the scheme by selecting finishes, details and furnishings. We discuss the options for countertops, back splashes, hardware, door style, materials, drawer options, sinks, faucets and storage, along with furnishings and any needed window coverings to create a cohesive space.

Once all of these decisions and plans are approved, the renovation process is ready to begin. We discuss what you should expect and the path for getting the work completed. You can solicit quotes for the renovation and manage the work yourself, or choose to work with our team of valued tradespeople that have been a part of our success for years.

With our guidance, we will walk you through the details of each step to achieving a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room design tailored specifically to you and your family.

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