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Renovation projects for Vaughan and the GTA


An emotional, long and overwhelming process, renovations do offer many benefits, but the road can be confusing and filled with stress and worry. With a well thought out plan and decisions made ahead of any onsite work, the renovation process goes smoother and is a more enjoyable process.

Bringing organization and peace of mind to a renovation initiative is exactly what we do. We have developed a process that keeps the project more manageable, moving in a timely manner and less likely to cause reactive decisions leading to additional costs and errors. Our process is broken into phases - Design, Selections and Management - containing various steps to assist clients with achieving their goals without feeling overwhelmed.

We manage each stage to keep things focused and on track. With each phase and step clearly defined, work progresses seamlessly from one stage to the next. This keeps things evolving in a timely manner and decisions focused.

We are happy to work with you from start to finish, but can be as involved as best suits your needs. Whether you require design or design and selections only, we can help manage timelines, budget and bring confidence at every level of the project.

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